Mold Inspection

What is a Mold Inspection?

We conduct mold inspections of homes and various types of buildings throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio area including Franklin and surrounding counties. We will inspect all areas of the house or building, or we can limit the inspection to specific areas such as a basement, attic, bedroom, or office with visual as well as scope inspection.  We also check the RH and utilize thermal imaging cameras as needed.

Our Approach to Mold Inspections

We then determine specific goals for the inspection; goals may include determining the potential health risks, finding water sources for mold and unpleasant odors, identifying areas that need mold remediation; and verifying the effectiveness of a mold remediation project. We then begin the visual inspection:The most critical factor that affects mold growth in a building is moisture and humidity. So, we are focused on finding where there is moisture now and where there may have been moisture in the past. We use moisture meters and thermal imagers to pinpoint areas with elevated moisture like under sinks, under leaky roofs, and basement walls. We are very thorough and look for mold in those hard to reach places. We also look for other clues like water stains, water damage, and unpleasant musty, earthy or wet-basement like odors. These can be critical to finding the source of mold.

After the Visual Inspection we discuss our findings with you. From this discussion we determine what mold testing makes sense to meet the agreed upon goals. Following the mold testing, the samples are analyzed by a third party laboratory. The final stage in the inspection process is our personal follow up. Unlike some companies we call you to explain the results of the testing and to give you our overall assessment and recommendations for removing mold and preventing it in the future. We provide the third party report as well as our personally written, detailed report that includes our findings and recommendations for removing mold, correcting problems that may have caused mold, and steps you may need to take for preventing mold in the future.
Along with mold inspections, we also provide mold testing, removal and mold remediation services as well.

If you have questions or would like to setup a consultation, please contact us today at 614-475-6653 .